Company: Google
Year: 2021

  1. Illustration 
  2. Art Direction

Celebrating all pioneer women in history and portraying them through illustration medium. Supporting and letting them be heard through 
the Women Will Instagram channel and keep 
inspiring all women from around the world.

All designs are aligned with the Women Will brand guidelines.

Designer + Illustrator: Suparom Ronyut
Lead Designer: Julien Michel
Content Strategy: Naomi Oren

Sally Ride is an American astronaut and a physicist — the first American woman and the third woman 
in space.

Maya Angelou is an American poet and activist 
— She was best known for her unique and pioneering autobiographical writing style.

Her famous poem, 
Still I rise, reveals how she will overcome anything through her self-esteem. She shows how nothing can get her down. She will rise to any occasion, and nothing will hold her back, not even her skin colour.