Social Media Campaign 
Company: Google
Year: 2021

  1. Concept
  2. Support for design production

When interest spiked for the host country during the games, bring the best of Japanese culture to the world, virtually.

We created 14 videos that highlight a range of Japanese themes to suit all ages and tastes in just under 3 weeks and launched just before the Tokyo Olympics on Google-owned globally.

Art Director: Suparom Ronyut
Brand Studio APAC Lead: Matt Clack + Kazuha Okuda
Lead Designer: Julien Michel
Motion Designer: Jihye Lee
Content strategy + Copy Lead: Michele Laudig
Content Strategy + Social Coordinator: Naomi Oren
Editor: Cutters Tokyo

After I researched, I asked myself a question, “What did Google, Japan, and the Olympics have in common?”

  • Google — I see the searching bar with the round corner of both sides ad the circle shape of a magnifying glass. Also, searching for something on Google made me feel like going through a portal to reach for information.

  • Japan Flag — The red circle on the flag.

  • The Olympic — All five rings.

I see the shared circular shape and want to use it as a design element to allow transitions between sections.

Connecting information and transitioning it through circular shapes.

We split the video into 2 parts — first, the same intro to keep it cohesive and second, selected Japanese theme.