Art Direction
Company: Google
Year: 2021

  1. Establishing Design Guidelines: Define a cohesive colour palette, layout structure, and typography selection
  2. Conducting the Interview

Meet The Fellows is an informal gathering for creative fellows chosen from the Rare with Google program. This highly selective initiative handpicks 16 emerging creative individuals globally, with only four selected in Australia. These fellows can collaborate with Google Brand Studio APAC specialists, gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

The primary goal of this event is to foster connections between the fellows and experienced Googlers from diverse teams and countries, enabling them to glean insights into various roles within Google. Additionally, the event provides a platform for the fellows to refine their public speaking and networking skills.

Following the gathering, I distilled the insights shared by each Googler into three key takeaways, which I then translated into visual representations. The design approach centred around circular and oval shapes, symbolising the interconnectedness between the interviewers and interviewees.

To maintain consistency across all designs, I established guidelines encompassing a consistent typeface, grid structure, and colour palette and incorporating a circle or oval shape as the central element.